ST Distribute “Heat Balls” during Internationale Tour

Posted: 13 January 2011 by Borink Badenov in Tour

Comrade Leonit write:

Is Germans now claiming they invented “heat balls” when world knows it was Comrade Stalin!!  ST should distribute them during hugely popular concert tour.

Komrade Stalin invent “meat balls”  two.  Everything good thing that come to the world, Mother Homeland Government had something to do with it.  Komrade Biden say.


Soviet Toothbrush respectfully request Ministry of Advance Technology and Dental Floss Production decrease dental floss production and increase Heat Ball production to meet Internationale Gingivitis World Tour Heat Ball demand.

  1. Leonit Brushnev says:

    When next Soviet Toothbrush concert? Whole family wants heat balls!
    Authoritarianly yours,

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