Soviet Tootbrush Wisconsin “Collective Bargain” Tour

Posted: 16 March 2011 by Borink Badenov in Tour

Soviet Toothbrush tour Madison Area of Wisconsin Soviet, USSA, last week of February, first week of March, 2011.  Tour is now officially CANCEL.  NO REFUND.  NO RESCHEDULE.

Comrade Brushnev report ST traveled Central Wisconsin with vastly superior materiel transporter and vastly superior tour bus and stage FOURTEEN separate show in that time.  Capitalist Running Dogs CONSPIRE to keep all Soviet Toothbrush Vanguard Comrades from ALL SHOWS.  ALL SHOWS NOBODY SHOW.

Wisconsin Capitalist Running Dog Warlord Governor Walker obviously threatened by Soviet Toothbrush Wisconsin “Collective Bargain” Tour, and send secret police to confiscate all ST mimeograph posters publicizing show.  THAT ONLY EXPLANATION.

Soviet Toothbrush Wisconsin “Collective Bargain” Tour is cancel.




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