YouTube – Gogol Bordello – Mussolini vs Stalin

Posted: 16 March 2011 by Borink Badenov in Tour, Video

Gogol Bordello, greatly influence by Soviet Toothbrush, sing of Fascist Scum Warlord and Uncle Joe fishin’ and BBQ’in’

This how Soviet Toothbrush feel past couple weeks:  first, Wisconsin “Collective Bargain” Tour bust, then ST Vastly Superior Amplifiers at Tokyo “We Do Emperor Like We Did Czar” Show cause some vibration and electrical problems.  More info to follow, but NO REFUND, NO RESCHEDULE.

Mussolini was a-shavin’, whistlin’ Tarantella,
Stalin was keeping eye on barbeque
When their fish line bell started to jingle,
Mussolini caught a-nothin’, Stalin caught two

You know my friend, It’s a kind of pretty,
Said Josef Stalin and loosened up his straps
Mussolini turn to him, with a restling glitter
Mussolini turn to him, and then, then he said: Yah!

Mussolini said Yaaaah Yah Yaaah Yah
Mussolini said Yaaaah Yah Yaaah Yaaah
Mussolini said Yaaaah Yaah Yah Yah Yaah


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