BMNR Productions in contract battle with Soviet Toothbrush: UN freezes arms shipments to both sides

Posted: 28 March 2011 by leonitbrushnev in Uncategorized

Reuters- An irate Leonit Brushnev denounced Soviet Toothbrush’s current contract with Bernard/Madoff/Noh/Relation Productions or BMNR as “Piece of paper not worthy to wipe elbow on.” Since ST began its 2010-11, 7-Continent, Gingivitis Tour, the hard-to-describe band has been unable to perform because wherever Soviet Toothbrush is booked, disaster races ahead to reek havoc. Most recently all North Africa and Tokyo performances had to be cancelled, although there are rumors that ST performed in Madison, Wisconsin in March. However, there are no witnesses willing to step forward. BMNR is suing ST for undisclosed damages and reimbursement for $35,000 in 5-Hour Energy Drinks.

Photo Below: A Sub-Saharan ST fan rallies behind his band in its fight against the multi-national BMNR Productions while listening to one of ST’s biggest hits of the 1980’s, “Don’t Give Us No Lip” on his iPod.

  1. leonitbrushnev says:

    Is brilliant journalism!

  2. Da, Leonit is brilliant journalnik. Also, Leonit correct, ST should incorporate like Capitalist Running Dog to protect against larger packs of Capitalist Running Dog. ST have no Invisible Hand swatting away dogs.

  3. Leonit, please get name of ST Sub-Saharan fan from NKVD or KGB. This fan is made Great Chairman of Soviet Vanguard Collective. He share chair with Chairwoman Capitalist Running Dog Bankster Laura.

    • leonitbrushnev says:

      If he visit dacha to discuss opportunities of Chairmanship, will ask he not bring AK-47 inside. iPod ok.

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