Capitalist Accusations Against ST are FALSE!

Posted: 30 March 2011 by Borink Badenov in Video

Soviet Toothbrush People’s Committee on Fair and Balance Reporting and Famine Relief are work on response to Capitalist Running Dog Agitprop regarding Soviet Toothbrush 11 March 2011 Tokyo Concert (Is Cancel.  No Refund.  No Reschedule.)

In meantime, we discredit Capitalist Running Dog Agitprop by showing ST Collective Vanguard disgusting Western Decadence video.  Every time ST watch video, we gather more and more disgust.  We have much disgust right now.

YouTube – Robert Palmer – Addicted To Love.

  1. leonitbrushnev says:

    Was first big gig for ST! All 4 of them. Playing back up for RP. Then he decided to go “with the girls.” What a foolish mistake! Who ever heard of RP again, I ask you Comrades?

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