Posted: 5 July 2011 by leonitbrushnev in Uncategorized

A committed Soviet Toothbrush fan in Harare, Zimbabwe carries his life savings to purchase an invaluable “ST Ticket Option” which allows him to participate in a drawing to win 2 tickets to the Soviet Toothbrush “Fool Me Twice” World Tour scheduled for 2012.

Reuters – Just days after successfully completing an unsuccessful world tour, members of Soviet Toothbrush promised that their critics would “go home with elbow between knees.” Leonit Brushnev, Security Chief of ST, stated that “When it comes to musical excellence, Soviet Toothbrush will stop at nothing!” Some music critics as well as a small army of Federal investigators have questioned the performances and financing of last year’s Gingivitis Tour. Despite a loyal following in the lunatic community, authorities have labeled the fan base as “utterly fantastic” to which Comrade Brushnev agreed, “Could not say better.” While scheduled dates have not yet been released, SWAT teams and other riot squads around the world are preparing for utter pandemonium and chaos in 2012.

  1. leonitbrushnev says:

    Is answer to all hopes and dreams! To see Soviet Toothbrush live!

  2. Tour start as soon as we purge new management.

  3. I received vastly superior electronic guitar crafted by Glorious People’s Republic workers in Brotherland China from Comrade Brushnev. Now sound as good as Useful Idiot John Lenin.

  4. Comrade Imam Boris! Boris Ackbar!

    “Imagine there’s a Soviet Toothbrush world tour,
    It’s easy if you try…”

  5. Роберт Sarley says:

    Советской зубной щетке нужно страница Facebook последовать за путешествием 2012.

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