MAINSTREAMING VERMIN: Presidental Candidate Supreme (D) enters 32.2 million American homes to teach zombie preparedness (Parade Magazine 1/8/12)

Posted: 20 January 2012 by leonitbrushnev in Uncategorized

Reuters –  As support for his candidacy swells, Presidental Candidate Vermin Supreme (D) continues to speak out on issues most important to Americans today.  “When it comes to public health, Candidate Supreme’s  5-Year Program of Federally enforced twice-a-day tooth-brushing and government-issued toothpaste is the only logical solution to the health crisis of 100-million Americans simultaneously starving and eating themselves to death,” says Jason Fitzgerald, imaginary press secretary of Candidate Supreme.   Comrade Leonit Brushnev, head of the Super Vermin Super PAC (SVSP) and Security Chief of Soviet Toothbrush, The World’s Most Obscure BandTM, has “committed total resources of BMNR Industries to electing Vermin President of USSA in 2012.”  Comrade Brushnev and other supporters of Candidate Supreme call themselves “Boot-Heads” because of the boots they wear on their heads.

  1. babz says:

    Yes, this reality!! Yes, I brush my teeth and I want my pony!

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