THE RUSSIAN DIVISION OF THE KIM JONG UN DANCERS WOWS CROWD AT LONGEST FRIDAY PARTY IN DOWNERS GROVE, ILL, USA: Scheduling mixup leads to Soviet Toothbrush doing show a day early–no one notices

Posted: 23 June 2012 by leonitbrushnev in Uncategorized

Reuters/Chicago     Calling it “an embarrassment to the Party,” Leonit Brushnev, Chief of Security of Soviet Toothbrush, “The World’s Most Obscure Band”, vowed to get to the bottom of the snafu that resulted in the band performing its final concert in the 2012 “Fool Me Twice” 7-Continents-In-7-Weeks, World Domination Tour one day early with no one in attendance other than the band, some security personnel, a groupie and four squirrels.  To the greatness of the performance, however, Brushnev could only say, “They musical genius.”  In  a related story, Comrade Billski  was named as winner of the 2012 Trotsky Prize for Party Style, an annual award given by Soviet Toothbrush to the fan who most passionately exhibits his devotion to Band and Party in everything he wears.  Comrade Billski was also the choreographer of the party-stopping performance by the Russian Division of the Kim Jong Un Dancers.

  1. John Yackley says:

    This band is so damn elusive! I remember road-tripping in vain through the South Russians Steppes in ’92 and always being step behind the comrades. Are these nincompoops still working off the Julian Calendar?

  2. leonitbrushnev says:

    If Soviet Toothbrush play in forest where no is, does Soviet Toothbrush still make most fabulous sound? You bet your Bolshoi it do! When it come to musical excellence, Soviet Toothbrush stop at nothing!

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