Chicago ad agency sells client on multi-billion e-merchandising program: North Korean Ministry of Tourism to market New-Dear-Leader-Sexiest-Man-Alive Endorsed line of art-of-the-state dental hygiene products; online campaign launches on 12/31/12

Posted: 1 January 2013 by leonitbrushnev in Uncategorized

Reuters/Chicago –   Mosquito Communications, a unit of BMNR Industries, has done what many said could never be done:  Turn a North-Korean-made consumer product into an American-Western-European sales sensation:  New-Dear-Leader-Approved Perma-Floss is a solution to a personal care problem that afflicts millions of working-class people around the globe: The high cost of dental floss.  But now thanks to stainless steel technology developed during the DPRK nuclear space program, one piece of Perma-Floss lasts you your whole life (And you really don’t want to lose it.)  “Is environmentally most correct,” says Kim Jong Too.  Adds Kim Jong Tres, “Perma-Floss has helped DPRK healthcare system save more than over 456.2 billion DPRK won in just one month.”

  1. 김 밥 척 says:

    난 몇 년 동안 사용 해 왔다. 1971 년에 일부를 미국으로 밀입국. 민트 맛을 얻을.

    김 밥 척

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