First Soviet Toothbrush Documentary

Posted: 13 March 2013 by Borink Badenov in Uncategorized

In conjunct with Soviet Toothbrush World Eschaton Tour sponsors, Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un, ST releases video tape documentary filmed during highly successful tour of USSA.

  1. Dave Ullman says:

    Major error, Comrade! Video not made by the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea. Was made by Democratic People Hating Republicans to show tragedy of sequester!

  2. Please read headline. Is made by SOVIET TOOTHBRUSH!

    • My Dear Comrade, BB: Please allow me to assure you that above said “commentator” Mr. “Dave Ullman” has been hunted down, arrested, duly tried and legitimately eliminated by ST Security Squad as perpetraitor of crimes against ST fandom, vicious libelous insinuations against Soviet Toothbrush and so-so review of ST documentary that already win hundreds of awards including the 2012 Beria Truth Prize! Sleep well tonight, Comrade!

  3. You are right. Sorry.

  4. leonitbrushnev says:

    Is touching, true portrait of authentic Soviet Toothbrush Fan. Even after 27 viewings, tears still come to Comrade Brushnev’s eyes.

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