Soviet Toothbrush endorses Anthony Weiner for Mayor of New York; “In a city full of hot dogs, Citizen Weiner is a foot-long”, says band spokesman; ST will headline “flash-mob-fundraisers” throughout Manhattan for the exxx-Congressman; band also supports ex-Madam Kristin Davis over disgraced former NY governor Eliot Spitzer for NYC comptroller; “If politicians are whores there’s no reason whores can’t be good politicians”, says ST security chief

Posted: 10 July 2013 by leonitbrushnev in Uncategorized


Reuters –   “Anthony is the Weiner the world’s awaited,” according to Soviet Toothbrush spokesperson and Security Chief, Leonit Brushnev, and Anthony’s mother, Mrs. Frances Finkelstein Weiner. “The World’s Most Obscure Band” is supporting the controversial Democratic politician because “He represents everything we’ve come to expect from the Big Apple” says Brushnev.  “Mayor Anthony Weiner,” he adds, “Now that’s entertainment!”


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