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Soviet Toothbrush Documentary

Posted: 14 July 2011 by Borink Badenov in Tour

Soviet Toothbrush proud to announce Capitalist Running Dog release of documentary of first every Soviet Toothbrush tour of the U.S.S. of A.   We encourage all Soviet Toothbrush Vanguard members to see, to fund repair of Soviet Toothbrush memorial stage in Downers Grove, and fund meat cassocks for “Fool Me Twice” World Domination Tour.

Soviet Tootbrush Wisconsin “Collective Bargain” Tour

Posted: 16 March 2011 by Borink Badenov in Tour

Soviet Toothbrush tour Madison Area of Wisconsin Soviet, USSA, last week of February, first week of March, 2011.  Tour is now officially CANCEL.  NO REFUND.  NO RESCHEDULE.

Comrade Brushnev report ST traveled Central Wisconsin with vastly superior materiel transporter and vastly superior tour bus and stage FOURTEEN separate show in that time.  Capitalist Running Dogs CONSPIRE to keep all Soviet Toothbrush Vanguard Comrades from ALL SHOWS.  ALL SHOWS NOBODY SHOW.

Wisconsin Capitalist Running Dog Warlord Governor Walker obviously threatened by Soviet Toothbrush Wisconsin “Collective Bargain” Tour, and send secret police to confiscate all ST mimeograph posters publicizing show.  THAT ONLY EXPLANATION.

Soviet Toothbrush Wisconsin “Collective Bargain” Tour is cancel.



YouTube – Gogol Bordello – Mussolini vs Stalin

Posted: 16 March 2011 by Borink Badenov in Tour, Video

Gogol Bordello, greatly influence by Soviet Toothbrush, sing of Fascist Scum Warlord and Uncle Joe fishin’ and BBQ’in’

This how Soviet Toothbrush feel past couple weeks:  first, Wisconsin “Collective Bargain” Tour bust, then ST Vastly Superior Amplifiers at Tokyo “We Do Emperor Like We Did Czar” Show cause some vibration and electrical problems.  More info to follow, but NO REFUND, NO RESCHEDULE.

Mussolini was a-shavin’, whistlin’ Tarantella,
Stalin was keeping eye on barbeque
When their fish line bell started to jingle,
Mussolini caught a-nothin’, Stalin caught two

You know my friend, It’s a kind of pretty,
Said Josef Stalin and loosened up his straps
Mussolini turn to him, with a restling glitter
Mussolini turn to him, and then, then he said: Yah!

Mussolini said Yaaaah Yah Yaaah Yah
Mussolini said Yaaaah Yah Yaaah Yaaah
Mussolini said Yaaaah Yaah Yah Yah Yaah

North Africa Tour is CANCEL

Posted: 28 January 2011 by Borink Badenov in Tour, Vanguard Collective

Due to righteous protest by Soviet Vanguard Collective in Tunis, Cairo, and Suez, this weekend concert performance in those cities is CANCEL.

28 January 2011 Tunis concert, 29 January 2011 Cairo concert, 30 January 2011 Suez concert is cancel.

No refunds.  No reschedule.

Let this be lesson to Capitalist Running Dog Oligarchs of Tunisia and Egypt:  The Soviet Toothbrush Vanguard Collective not tolerate ticket transaction fees that fill greedy pockets at expense of proletariat.   TOOTHBRUSH USAGE OPTIMIZERS OF THE WORLD, UNITE!

Soviet Toothbrush Acquire Vastly Superior Tour Materiel Transporter

Posted: 28 January 2011 by Borink Badenov in Tour

Soviet Toothbrush Tour Materiel Transporter Vastly Superior to Capitalist Running Dog Transporters

Capitalist Running Dogs Steal ST Propaganda Promotion

Posted: 14 January 2011 by Borink Badenov in Tour

But use inferior product with no heat-producing ability:

ST Hugely Popular Internationale Gingivitis World Tour Set List

Posted: 13 January 2011 by Borink Badenov in Tour

Comrade Leonit release first song in set during Soviet Toothbrush Internationale Gingivitis World Tour.

Is “The Way We Roll,” by the Newsboys, 2009, Inpop Records

Is version inferior to ST version from YouSSRTube:

ST Distribute “Heat Balls” during Internationale Tour

Posted: 13 January 2011 by Borink Badenov in Tour

Comrade Leonit write:

Is Germans now claiming they invented “heat balls” when world knows it was Comrade Stalin!!  ST should distribute them during hugely popular concert tour.

Komrade Stalin invent “meat balls”  two.  Everything good thing that come to the world, Mother Homeland Government had something to do with it.  Komrade Biden say.


Soviet Toothbrush respectfully request Ministry of Advance Technology and Dental Floss Production decrease dental floss production and increase Heat Ball production to meet Internationale Gingivitis World Tour Heat Ball demand.

Soviet Toothbrush Northern Australian Tour

Posted: 3 January 2011 by Borink Badenov in Tour

All dates of Soviet Toothbrush Australian Tour, “Kollective Kangaroo,” are CANCEL.

No refund.  No reschedule.

Soviet Toothbrush extend sympathy to Australian Soviet Toothbrush Vanguard Collective for flooding.

Soviet Toothbrush arrived at venue in new tour bus for Madison Square Toothbrush show tonight, but MSG staff and audience rely on inferior vehicles.

27 December 2010 Madison Square Garden Show, “Madison Square Toothbrush,” is cancel.

No refunds.  No reschedule.

As Comrade Krushchev say, “First, snow will bury you, then we will bury you.”