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North Africa Tour is CANCEL

Posted: 28 January 2011 by Borink Badenov in Tour, Vanguard Collective

Due to righteous protest by Soviet Vanguard Collective in Tunis, Cairo, and Suez, this weekend concert performance in those cities is CANCEL.

28 January 2011 Tunis concert, 29 January 2011 Cairo concert, 30 January 2011 Suez concert is cancel.

No refunds.  No reschedule.

Let this be lesson to Capitalist Running Dog Oligarchs of Tunisia and Egypt:  The Soviet Toothbrush Vanguard Collective not tolerate ticket transaction fees that fill greedy pockets at expense of proletariat.   TOOTHBRUSH USAGE OPTIMIZERS OF THE WORLD, UNITE!

Soviet Toothbrush Vanguard Collective

Posted: 3 January 2011 by Borink Badenov in Vanguard Collective

Comrade in Soviet Toothbrush Vanguard Collective (decadent Amerikan “fan”) created artwork using Hammer and Sickle progrom for Collective Anvil-Top Electronic Cypher Machine.

After re-education, Comrade rejects former profession as Capitalist Running Dog Bankster and fully commits to bleeding gums.  For his artwork and re-education, Soviet Toothbrush, with approval of Central Control, award him Medal of People’s Painter of the USSR.

Soviet Toothbrush Fan Art

Capitalist Running Dog Bankster Awarded Medal of People's Painter of the USSR for this Homage to Gum Sacrifice